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We provide a fun, force and fear free environment for two and four legged participants.

Our aim is simple: to provide a space where humans gain a therapeutic experience with animals while also gaining knowledge and confidence to safely interact with them.  

Portrait with Dog


Group sessions are great for confidence building:

-social skill and interactions while 

learning together.

-fine and gross motor skills

-everyday skills

-language and communication skills

-good citizenship skills

Cat Cuddles


Individual sessions enhance the experience of the participant as there is no social pressure.

Vet Petting a Horse


Field trips can be organised on request. Field trips allow for out of classroom learning. Fresh air is as good as anything so lets get out and learn!

Lets not forget the benefits to the animals who will be participating in our program. It is a general conception that animals who are given up are not well behaved and just need 'a farm to run on', however this is not true. The animals seeking homes are usually under stimulated in their environment and not guided by their humans properly, so here we aiming to close the gap to understand the needs of these animals so they succeed in their newly adopted home. Our program and its participants will work on behaviour training, animal care (e.g. grooming, cooperative care), socialisation and exposure therapy, building trust and confidence, mental and physical stimulation. This is all key for adoptability, and setting the animal up for success in their search for a new home and fur-mily. We are here we are to change the perception of rescue animals. 

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