Custom Homemade Recipe Service

Interested in cooking for your pet but worried they won't get the correct nutrition? Consult with me for a customized recipe that is complete and balanced!

What does the service include?

  • A 30 minute virtual consultation

  • A complete nutritional assessment (age, breed, lifestyle, current diet)

  • A discussion about your goals in regards to nutrition (what ingredients you prefer, feeding only home cooked food, supplementing kibble with home cooked food, etc)

  • A minimum of TWO fully customized recipes (more recipes can be added on for an additional fee - see below)

  • You will receive a PDF with the following:

    • Pre-cooking tips

    • Your pet's calorie needs

    • Amount of meals supplied by the recipe

    • Macronutrient breakdown

    • Basic nutrient profile

    • Recipe card including type and amount of ingredients as well as complete cooking instructions

    • Low calorie treat alternatives

    • Post-cooking tips

Who is eligible for this service?

  • Dogs and cats with a current/up to date annual examination

  • Healthy pets only - any pet with an underlying medical condition will need a prescription recipe which I cannot provide without an in person exam

  • Pets currently on over the counter diets - I cannot formulate recipes for dogs on prescription diets

  • Pets under 100 pounds

  • Pets over 12 months of age (cats and small to medium breed dogs) and over 18 months of age (large breed dogs)

How much does the service cost?

  • The price for a 30 minute virtual consultation is $75

  • A minimum of 2 recipes (for rotation purposes) will be provided for $225

  • You can also choose to purchase recipe packages:
    • 3 recipes: $325
    • 4 recipes: $410
    • 5 recipes: $490
    • 6 recipes: $555
  • Reformulations are $15 each

  • *For a more cost effective option, consider enrolling in my digital course on homemade diets. You will learn how to formulate recipes on your own in just one hour! CLICK HERE to learn more.

When will I get my recipe?

  • Before our consultation, you must receive approval from your veterinarian to start a homemade diet for your pet. I will email them a form to confirm that your pet has a current exam, has no underlying medical conditions, and is okay to start on a homemade diet.

  • After our consultation, you will receive the complete recipe and additional documents (calorie content, cooking instructions, etc) within 72 hours.

Interested in booking a private consult? Please fill out the form below with your name and email. You will receive an email with a nutritional questionnaire and instructions on how to book! 

Have additional questions? Email me at

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