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About Me

Welcome to Empowered Paws! I'm Dr. Wolfe, small animal veterinarian and certified food therapist for pets. I started my journey in the veterinary field in 2008 as an assistant. In 2011, I received a Bachelor's degree in biology and went on to receive a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine in 2015. One of my main passions in this field is client education - the more educated pet parents are, the more their pet benefits! But there is a LOT of information out there and it's not all correct (and could even cause your pet harm).

I wanted to provide a resource for pet owners where they can come to get EMPOWERED with accurate information so they can keep their pet happy and healthy.

The main focus here at Empowered Paws is nutrition. After all, nutrition is the foundation to health! In addition to my 9 years of formal education, I have advanced certifications in both conventional and natural nutrition and hope to equip you with easy to digest (pun intended!) bites of information to ensure your pet's optimal nutrition.



Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2011

Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, 2015

NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification, 2020

CIVT Veterinary Natural Nutrition Certification, 2022

Chi University Food Therapy Certification, 2023

NAVC Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach Certification - in progress

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